Resistance band full body toning

February 15, 2017


This is the resistance that I love the most! It makes me leaner, stronger and it comes in a small, portable package. Resistance bands allow me to elevate my workout and allow me to take the gym with me wherever I go.

Check out this week’s workout. All you need is your resistance band and you’re ready to rock your workout on any beach in the world!


Resistance Band Full Body Toning (45 sec each move)

Reverse lunge with triceps extension (band hooked to back leg)

Reverse lunge with the punches (switch legs, band hooked to the back leg)

Cross band lateral walk

Boat hold fly

Where did you do this work out? I hope it was somewhere sunny, fun and near the ocean! Share a picture on Instagram and hashtag #yourFITwithsasha and tag me @yourFITwithsasha.

I would love to see you working out while having fun!

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