Crazy Sexy Core!

February 22, 2017


Did you hear that the core is the new black?
Well, that is what I discovered the hard way!
Long story short, I threw my back out last summer. Even though I could do sit-ups till the cows came home, I was not engaging my core as much as I should during my training and every day activities.
This unfortunate injury led me to learn how to train with my core in mind and revolutionize YourFIT training.
Our abs is the core of our movement and we have to workout with that in mind.
Now that I got my core working the way it should, I want yours to kick ass too!
This week’s workout is advanced. You can try to do it with a paper plate. If you are up for a challenge, you can grab a 5 or 10 pound weighted plate in the gym and take this training to the turf.


(You will need a 5 to 10 lb weight plate)

Forearm plank side slide
Forearm plank side slide into full plank
Forearm plank rainbow slide
Forearm plank diagonal slide

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