360* Booty Sculpting and Toning

March 08, 2017

I got a treat for you! This is the best sculpting and toning workout for your booty that you will ever try!

All you need is a resistance band and you are ready to train.

If you do this workout twice a week, you will see some amazing transformations just in time for the bikini season!


You need a resistance band, repeat each move 10 times

Moves in forearm side plank position:

Side raises

Rotate toe down and more side raises

Circles to the left

Circles to the right


Rotate core down and booty kicks

Moves in tabletop position:

Leg raises

Toes out leg raises

Diagonal leg raises


Donkey kick pulses

Donkey kicks

Leg presses

Moves in elevated one leg bridge position:

Leg raises

Toes out leg raises

Circles to the right

Circles to the left


Leg presses

Because fitness should be fun, attainable and affordable to everyone, I continue to create quality workouts and motivational videos for you for free. All I ask in return is to give me your honest feedback and share these videos with anyone who you think will benefit from them.

As always, thank you for all your comments, e-mails, support and dedication to your own health and happiness.

Truly yours,


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