Resistance Band CHEST Slim Down + Tone UP

March 29, 2017

What a week!!💥 Can you believe it’s almost April?!
I am getting so excited for the summer! I can hardly wait for YourFIT Boot Camp, going to the beach, grilling, eating on the patio and simply being outside!
Let’s finish March strong with this chest and arms workout.
When we train our bigger muscle group, we burn more calories, get stronger and raise our metabolism so we can eat more! Sign me up girlfriend! Right?!
You need your resistance band and some good tunage.

Sets: 3-4 each exercise
Slightly increasing resistance intensity
1st set – 15
2nd set – 12
3rd set – 10
4th set – 8
Rest 45 seconds between each set

Resisted Pushups
Standing Chest Press
Reverse Fly
Standing Band Crossover
Lying Chest Press
Lying Chest Fly

Countdown to YourFIT Boot Camp:
Seven weeks!
If you and your girlfriends are looking for an easy going, fun and motivating group of friends, check out YourFIT Boot Camp.
It’s the most fun you will ever have working out!

Have a wonderful week and I will catch up with you next Wednesday! Until then, see you on Instagram!


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