Resistance Band CORE Slim Down + Tone Up

April 05, 2017

Grab your resistance bands and take your beautiful bod to the yoga mat, girl!!
There’s nothing quite like sore abs to make you feel accomplished and super strong all day long 💪
Take just 15 minutes today and treat yourself to this killer core routine.
Your sculpted abs will thank you!
#YFtip: Maximize your sculpt by pulling your belly button toward your spine during each of these moves. You’ll dig deeper into your core muscles and amplify your AB-solutely amazing results. 🙌

Each move 30 seconds
No rest in between
Complete two/three sets
1 minute rest between sets
Kneeling Crunch
Resisted Sit-Ups
Resisted Sit-ups with a reach
Resisted Sit-up pulses with a reach
Resisted Reverse Crunch
High Knee Crunch
Russian Twist
Standing Lawn Mower Pulls
Standing Lawn Mower Pulls – other side
Standing Oblique Pulls
Standing Oblique Pulls – other side

This new ab workout will keep toning that core and carving those abs even more if you do it weekly!
Keep pushing babe… you’re on FIRE!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

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