PUSH-UPS Beginner to Pro

May 10, 2017

Oh girl do I know your struggle :-)  I get a lot of requests from my clients on how to learn to do a push-up.  We girls, have a bigger challenge to learn that move.  We carry most of our weight in our lower body and our upper body is not as muscular as our guy friend’s

As a professional athlete I couldn’t do one “real” push-up to save my life and cringed every time my coach would tell us to do them!  Knowing the badassery of this move and feeling tired of being embarrassed in the front of my teammates I decided to train my self to be able to do at list one.

After I learned the trick how to perfect this move I am excited to coach you.

Watch my video and follow the progression.

incline push ups

lower incline when you can do 10

knee pushups

assisted push ups (low full-up knee)

full push up as many as you can and finish 10 on your knees.

So how did it go?

Do you feel like you can push up like a badass in not time?

Let me know if this was helpful and share this video with your girlfriend.

To bring more fun to the training start a friendly challenge with your girls, who can do 10 full push-ups faster in YourFIT group.  Feel free to tag me on your Insta to your sweaty selfies for extra accountability.

Keep on pushing,


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