5 Best Booty Lifting and Toning Moves

June 07, 2017

Did you know that having shapely glutes isn’t all about appearance or vanity. ( I know, I know that looking good and feeling confident is important to you :-) but having a strong rear-end not only helps improve posture and athletic performance, and reduce knee and back pain, it can significantly enhance injury prevention as well.  So if we concentrate on our performance, we will get those juicy rounded glutes and will stay fit and healthy!  Thank you STRONG Glutes!

Here are top 5 moves that will increase strength and athleticism in your booty.

Don’t forget to warm up and activate your glutes before you start.


Each move 15 reps, 3 sets, 1 minute rest 

Kettlebell swings

Split squat

Bulgarian deadlift

Curtsy lunge

Side step up 

*If you are just starting YourFIT training, use light dumbbells and perform 10-15 reps each move.

As you get stronger increase your weight and your sets. 

Thank you for lifting your booty with me today!

I will see your cute, toned tushie on Instagram later!  Make sure to tag me to all your workouts!



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