Lean & Strong with the battle ropes

August 02, 2017
Happy August! Oh man time really flies when you are having fun!
I never been so busy in my life and I’m so excited about it!
With YourFIT BODY online program launching in just one month, I don’t have a lot of time to kill in the gym.  I am sure you can relate!  We all want to spend our precious summer time outdoors or on a rooftop. Let’s be efficient with our workouts so we can spend as much time as possible outside!
Here is one of my absolute favorite workouts that will kick your butt in just a few minutes and will get you stronger, leaner and it’s a lot fun!
(You need battle ropes)
Four moves, each move 30 seconds
Shuffle with circles
Reverse lunges with alternative waves  
Jumping squats with a slam
*Rest for one minute and do another set!

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