Lean Legs & Abs with TABATA

November 21, 2017


Lean legs and abs with Tabata


It’s almost time to sit around the dinner table with loved ones and give thanks.

Who has time to workout on Thanksgiving day, right?

You beautiful!
Altho there are pies to bake and dinners to make, you can get your sweat in too!
It’s only 4 minute high intensity workout that will allow you to burn more calories at the Turkey dinner!
Do I have your attention?


Full Body Fat Burner TABATA
20 seconds each move / 10 seconds rest / twice through!


Step up with jump into reverse lunge

Other side

Up and down plank


You know, after this 4 minute workout you will enjoy your dinner even more!

See video bellow for complete workout and proper exercise form. 

For complete training program with workout videos and PDFs


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