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My name is Sasha, and I am so excited to meet you! I created YourFit as a community of amazing women just like you to get the bod you’ve always wanted and have fun doing it!

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, as a daughter of an Olympic athlete. When I was 9, I was recruited by the #1 basketball school in Russia, which was amazing, because every year, only the top 15 girls in the whole country get recruited.

By age 15, I had turned pro and at age 20 moved to the United States on a basketball scholarship. However, after I was done playing basketball, I felt burned out, and stopped working out. I completely switched gears, completing my degree in Marketing and Graphic Design, and worked in the interior design industry for 7 years.

Then, life took a turn. I moved to Minneapolis with my family, left my career behind, and felt I had no purpose in life. It was terrible. I sat on my ass for 2 years and literally did nothing.

Finally, I decided I needed a major change so I enrolled in a bikini competition, got certified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the American Council on Exercise, and started this company to empower other women to transform their lives, and become what they always wanted to be.

It’s possible to be all you want to be. Even more important, getting there is fun!

You see, even though I’m an ex-athlete, I’m quite far from an “all work and no play” person.  You’ll often find me, my awesome husband, and my best friend, Golden Retriever Rudy, at a lake or a local restaurant having a glass of wine and enjoying life. I also,volunteer once a week with Rudy at an Assisted Living facility, where I teach a strength class for the residents.

Yes, I enjoy weight lifting – and I also enjoy red wine, ice cream, Neapolitan pizza, yoga, flowers, reading, walking Rudy, spending time with my friends, and traveling. Whoever tells you that you can’t have it all just hasn’t figured out how to do it!

The main thing that we do here at Your Fit is learning to love our lives, and to love ourselves, all the way. A fit lifestyle – proper training and proper nutrition full of tasty food – helps a lot with that, so I will provide you with all the tools that you need to get there.

I invite you to come on a journey with me to finding YourFIT life!



YourFIT was created to teach women how to live their lives joyfully and easily. Owner, Sasha Kuznetsova, believes the most important part of any wellness program is teaching clients how to train from a place of love.

The goal of YourFIT training is to empower women, give them confidence, and allow them to fall in love with their bodies and their lives.

It started with YourFIT summer boot camp for women in Minneapolis. Sasha created a fun and safe place for local women to join together and make friends with other like-minded women for support and accountability.

With such a great success rate at the boot camp, Sasha is excited to grow the YourFIT program outside of Minnesota.

As an ex-pro athlete who turned to body-building after her career as a basketball player was over, she’s used her knowledge and lifelong experience in fitness to create her own program for women.

Sasha uniquely incorporates weightlifting, agility, interval training, Pilates, Barre, and Yoga to achieve the best results with her clients.

Her motto, “Lift it. Tone it. Sweat it. Stretch it.”, is one of a kind. This was developed by working with a lot of women over the years.

One way of training is limiting and Sasha understands the importance of giving her clients a well-rounded program that covers all aspects of fitness. She keeps it fun, interesting, challenging, and well-balanced.

At age 40, Sasha stays in the best shape of her life following her own fitness and nutrition programs. She believes in a well-balanced diet that corresponds with the lifestyle of the individual and works with her clients to personalize their success and results.

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