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YourFit Meal Guide:

Eat lean compete protein with every meal: Protein is essential for building lean muscle, and it is low in calories.  It also will keep you full longer because it takes more time for your body to break it down.

Keep your sugar under 25 g per day: Sugar is a quick energy.  If you are not moving, your body can’t use it and will store it as fat.  Also, if your blood sugar is high throughout the day your body won’t go into a fat burning mode when you are training. If your blood sugar is low before your work out, then your body will go into a fat burning zone right away.


Make sure to get 25-35 g of fiber per day: Fiber helps control blood sugar level by slowing body’s breakdown of carbs and absorption of sugar. It will keep you full longer and will help you with cravings.


Prep your meals for the upcoming week: Block enough time on your weekend to prep your meals.  Write down your meal plan and make your grocery list. Cook as many meals as you need so you are not grabbing doughnuts in the office when you are starving.


Drink enough water: Dehydration makes you tired and decreases your performance in the gym.

Also, drinking water before or during a meal will help you to get full faster and reduce calorie intake.


Get seven to nine hours of a quality sleep every night: You need all the energy for training. During our sleep we recover, build muscle and get lean. Disrupted sleeping patterns often mean missed meals, poor work outs and poor recovery.  Inadequate sleep can mess up hormones that regulate appetite and metabolism.  In addition to that sleep deprivation can increase the hunger hormone ghrelin, decrease cortisol and decrease insulin sensitivity.


No to minimum alcohol: At 7 calories per gram, alcohol is a second densest source of calories behind fats. Alcohol depletes your body of vitamins and minerals. Also, drinking alcohol suppress testosterone, one of the mail anabolic (muscle-building) hormones and releases estrogen into the bloodstream. Estrogen promote fat storage and inhabit muscle growth. Alcohol abolishes inhibitions, decreases will power, stimulate appetite, and causes poor judgment.

*Avoid processed foods, diet sodas, and fast foods.

*Take a good quality multivitamin.

YourFIT Suggested Easy meal guide for your busy day:

Start your day with a big glass of warm lemon water.


·       2 eggs + Avocado toast or Easy option: Fat Burning Smoothie (join YourFIT team for the formula)

·        Black coffee or tea


·        One serving of lean protein with unlimited greens and table spoon of olive oil or YourFIT Salad (join YourFIT team for an easy formula)

Snack Post-Workout (optional):

·       1/4 cup of nuts with plain greek yogurt or 1/2 of Fat Burning Smoothie


·        One serving of lean protein, one serving of starch, one serving of good fat, unlimited greens  

·         Kevita

.        Fiber

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PLEASE NOTE: This is not a specific guide. I am sharing my own daily meal plan with you to give you an idea of how to put your own fit plan together. I am not a Licensed Health Care Professional or a Registered Dietitian and I am not qualified to give any type of medical advice. This blog is compilation of my experiences, research as well as my opinion. I am only sharing my thoughts and what I do to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.



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