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60 Day SPRING into Bikini Body Challenge starts March 1st!

The biggest changes you will notice after first week on this program: 
✓ You will feel lighter
✓ You will have more energy
✓ You will sleep better
✓ You will be more alert
✓ Your digestive tract will feel light
✓ Your skin will be more plum from all the hydration
✓ You will be more organized and in control of your health
✓ My favorite, the bloat will be gone!

When you join YourFIT BODY you’ll have me as your online coach and YourFIT teammates to help you GET results and feel and look your best in 2018.



You have 7 days to decide if you love this program!  

After 7 days it’s only $26 a month.

 No membership fees!
*After your FREE 7 day tryout, you will be charged automatically $26 monthly. You can unsubscribe at any time.
I can’t wait to start this journey with you!
Feel FREE to invite YourFIT girlfriends, it is way more fun to train with your friends! With their support and motivation, you will be consistent in YourFIT training and continue to crush YourFIT goals!
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Hi Guys! Here is my little write-up of the amazing program, what it has done for me and what I love about it.

The YourFIT BODY Online Program has taken my fitness and nutrition to a new level. These are the top reasons why I LOVE this program:

1. There is a monthly fitness calendar of when to lift it, tone it, sweat it with cardio, and days off, adding more variation to my workouts and knowing how much to do of each to not overdo it.

2. I can do the workouts when it works best with my schedule and I am able to do the videos when I travel for work.

3. There is a grocery list that is impactful and helps keep the sugar cravings at bay.

4. There is an online group to help share ideas, recipes, and hold us all accountable.

I feel stronger, more toned, and more mindful of what I eat…taking my body to the next level.

Jen Schugel, Taking fitness and nutrition to a new level!


  • NEW training schedule monthly
  • New 3 real time workout videos and printable workouts to take to the gym or on your trip + cardio plan monthly
  • Support and coaching via FaceBook to guide your mind set, nutrition, goal setting and achieving results.
  • Live discussions with Sasha regarding training, new trends in wellness, + answering your questions. This is YourFIT one-on-one coaching for a fraction of the price!
  • Daily accountability on FB private group page (you will check in with me and YourFIT BODY team when you are done with your workout, ask questions and receive support as needed.)
  • A unique monthly challenge
  • Suggested meal guide
  • Grocery list- Suggested shopping for proper meal planning
  • A personal YourFIT BODY team – your own likeminded and supportive community!!!!


YourFIT Summer Bootcamp is built on this principal and this is exactly why women in my live programs fall in love with Fitness and have great results. I wanted to recreate this environment on the bigger scale so I can help more women.

Now there’s YourFIT BODY Online!
Are you in?

I am so excited to train you full time and be able to offer it to you at such low cost! DO THE 6 DAY JUMPSTART to Fit and Clean in 2018 for FREE and its only $26 a month after. 

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